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Todd Leonard


I am trying some thing new. This website is my attempt to build a redesign on the fly. I will add to it every day and refine it into something useful for you, my audience.

Thank you for visiting.


I am a technology generalist. My first experience with building websites was using software like Macromedia Dreamweaver. This was back before CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) were widely adopted. We would layout pages in tables and fight to get them to render consistently across browsers. Web development today is easier in some respects, but harder in others. Web standards have made it simpler to achive uniformity but websites have generally become more complex. Bloated frameworks, large images, and mountains of Javascript have made the web less usable. It is my mission to bring it back to its essence. It's the content dummy.

These days I primarily work with HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress, Concrete 5, Maria DB, and the LAMP stack.


My business focus is building attractive, usable, and maintainable websites for small busineses. I have a lot of experience building e-commerce websites  to securely process transactions on the web.  


Charleston South Carolina is home. I primarily work with small business customers within the Southeastern United States. I can work with with anyone in any part of the world.


Good question. I like to eat and provide for my family. In the pursuit of finding the right livelihood I have taken an interest in adding value to small business. I come from a Mom and Pop background so I feel at home helping businesses that need to leverage technology.


The first part of any project is learning what you need out of a website. This step is vital. I listen, take notes, and ask questions. Then we work together to build a website that serves the needs of your business. If it seems like a simple process, that's because it is.

To get in touch with me please feel free to email or call (843) 614-0358.


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